AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-12fix some warningsHEADmasterStefan Bühler
2009-09-01Network version 1.0.9sdlbomber-1.0.9Stefan Bühler
2009-08-28Add option to disable soundStefan Bühler
2009-08-28Don't drop "action" keys in networkStefan Bühler
2009-08-19Network version 1.0.8sdlbomber-1.0.8Stefan Bühler
2009-08-19Fix stats handlingStefan Bühler
2009-08-18Network version 1.0.7sdlbomber-1.0.7Stefan Bühler
2009-08-18New double-linked list implementation, add death stats (kills always 0)Stefan Bühler
2009-08-11Redo some list foreach loopsStefan Bühler
2009-08-11remove limit of detonating bombsStefan Bühler
2009-08-11Limit lifetime of controlled bombsStefan Bühler
2009-08-11Improve foreach_list* macrosStefan Bühler
2009-08-11List rewriteStefan Bühler
2009-08-10Network protocl 1.0.6sdlbomber-1.0.6Stefan Bühler
2009-08-10Remove global var "gountil"Stefan Bühler
2009-08-10Restrict players to 10 bombs, use enum for tile typesStefan Bühler
2009-08-10More fixes for network code (slaves don't block anymore)Stefan Bühler
2009-08-10Remove usage of some temporary varsStefan Bühler
2009-08-10Display failure messagesStefan Bühler
2009-08-09use surf for random, async game searchsdlbomber-1.0.5Stefan Bühler
2009-08-08Split source in more files, changed network behavior to prepare for direct co...Stefan Bühler
2009-08-07Fix makefilesStefan Bühler
2009-08-07Some fixes, use datadir for sounds tooStefan Bühler
2009-08-07Add datadirStefan Bühler
2009-08-07Version 1.0.4Stefan Bühler
2009-08-07Use avahi for network, share config over network, use unique for shared randomStefan Bühler
2009-08-06Import of SDL_bomber version 1.0.3Stefan Bühler