AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-04-23move game logic to libqnono::CNonogramHEADmasterStefan Bühler
2012-04-20use Marker in solver, put undo into a classStefan Bühler
2012-04-20fix execMark - don't do anything if the puzzle is solvedStefan Bühler
2012-04-20marker -> image conversionStefan Bühler
2012-04-19[solver] refactor as generic code for column and rowsStefan Bühler
2012-04-19qcrosspackage: remove QFile* member, leads to trivial destructor (fixing copy...Stefan Bühler
2012-04-19add new abstractions, include magic numbers in serializeStefan Bühler
2012-04-11[qcross] some gui bugfixesOliver Groß
2012-04-11[qcross] save paused state to savegamesOliver Groß
2012-04-11New solverstefan-wipStefan Bühler
2012-04-09make sure filename uses native separators before splittingStefan Bühler
2012-04-09Add example package 'debug.cpk'Stefan Bühler
2012-04-09Add WIN32 to cmake targetsStefan Bühler
2012-04-09replace simple regexp with .endsWith()Stefan Bühler
2012-04-09restructure CCrossPackage load/save, fix qcrossedit compile errorsStefan Bühler
2012-04-09fix segfault when image from file was loadedStefan Bühler
2012-04-09Use current directory as dialog startStefan Bühler
2012-02-28[qcross] added saving/loading game supportOliver Groß
2012-02-28[libqnono] proper reading and writing of package filesOliver Groß
2012-02-28[libqnono] nonogram reading and writing from/to streamOliver Groß
2011-12-21some test picturesOliver Groß
2011-12-21big ugly commitOliver Groß
2010-06-16Initial commitOliver Groß