AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-06Release 0.6.1HEADnut-v0.6.1stefanmasterStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[qnut] add command line option to prevent minimizing to trayStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nuts] refactor and fix timer id managementStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nutcommon] hide DBusAbstractAdapater internal signalsStefan Bühler
2015-12-06connect by member function pointerStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] explicitly add all header and parser files in target sourcesStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] create "qt5_translate" function to handle translations in a sane way;...Stefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] manual "moc" in targets using TARGET_OBJECTS to workaround cmake bugStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nuts] fix ambiguous value construction by adding typeStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[libnutwireless] fix comparison with EAPF_UNDEFINEDStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] LinkObjectLibrary: document how target_sources call would look like i...Stefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] use CMAKE_C[XX]_STANDARD[_REQUIRED] if availableStefan Bühler
2015-09-05Release 0.6.0nut-v0.6.0Stefan Bühler
2015-09-05Translated using Weblate (German)Stefan Bühler
2015-09-05fix trayicon (use png, svg doesn't work), fix segfault on quitStefan Bühler
2015-09-05update translations filesStefan Bühler
2015-09-05move to Qt5; split libnutclientbase into separate libraryStefan Bühler
2015-09-05Release 0.5.9nut-v0.5.9Stefan Bühler
2015-09-05cleanup qnut.desktop mimetypeStefan Bühler
2015-09-05use full version for so versionStefan Bühler
2015-09-05put all output binaries into main build directoryStefan Bühler
2015-09-05suppress warning about struct addrinfo inside paramer listStefan Bühler
2015-09-05update to libnl 3.0, refactor cmake config/lib handlingStefan Bühler
2014-06-19[nuts] replace bison parser with recursive descent parserStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[cmake] search for Qt4 in global file, fix translationsStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[cmake] common version, minimize -D flags, some cleanupStefan Bühler
2014-06-18cleanup .gitignore filesStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[qmake] remove all *.pro files, using cmake nowStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[cnut/nutclient] link (statically) only dbus.cpp into cnutStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[dbus] device type can change; expose all properties with Q_PROPERTYStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[dbus] simplify ACL rules by using destination/sender instead of interface; a...Stefan Bühler
2014-06-18[libnutclient] delay CWireless creation until device name is availableStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[libnutclient] fix missing deviceRemoved() eventsStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[qnut] initialize some pointer to nullptrStefan Bühler
2014-06-18[dbus] add mac address to device properties + moreStefan Bühler
2014-06-17[dbus] refactor DBusAbstractAdapater: always require a path to register the o...Stefan Bühler
2014-06-17[dbus] DBus rewriteStefan Bühler
2014-06-14[nuts] fix state check in Interface_IPv4::startFallbackStefan Bühler
2014-06-14cleanup common types and dbus interfaceStefan Bühler
2014-06-12[libnutcommon] c++11-ify config structures, some cmake cleanup, make libnutco...Stefan Bühler
2014-06-12removed DoxyfileStefan Bühler
2014-06-12whitespace cleanup: remove trailing whitespaceStefan Bühler
2014-06-12[libnutwireless] mark `ver` as unused variableStefan Bühler
2014-06-12[libnutwireless/wpa_ctrl] make libc function definitions visible with feature...Stefan Bühler
2014-06-12[cmake] add -std=c++11, more and configurable warning flags, default to RelWi...Stefan Bühler
2014-06-12fix build errors with more recent bisonStefan Bühler
2013-05-09Release v0.5.8nut-v0.5.8Stefan Bühler
2013-05-09[debian] remove debian/ stuff from main repoStefan Bühler
2013-05-09[debian] update compat, hardening stuffStefan Bühler
2013-05-09fix build errors with new gccStefan Bühler