BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian 0.6.1-1Stefan Bühler4 years
masterRelease 0.6.1Stefan Bühler4 years
stefanRelease 0.6.1Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.6.1-1commit 3108c73359...Stefan Bühler4 years
nut-v0.6.1commit 5e2e0b1784...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.6.0-3commit 03c9574774...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.6.0-2commit 3b65341d62...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.6.0-1commit 51b256930e...Stefan Bühler4 years
nut-v0.6.0commit 200854a6f2...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.5.9-3commit 515b2bc095...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.5.9-2commit 93d6792ead...Stefan Bühler4 years
debian/nut-0.5.9-1commit 7dfab832f1...Stefan Bühler4 years
nut-v0.5.9commit a73b15a532...Stefan Bühler4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-06Release 0.6.1HEADnut-v0.6.1stefanmasterStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[qnut] add command line option to prevent minimizing to trayStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nuts] refactor and fix timer id managementStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nutcommon] hide DBusAbstractAdapater internal signalsStefan Bühler
2015-12-06connect by member function pointerStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] explicitly add all header and parser files in target sourcesStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] create "qt5_translate" function to handle translations in a sane way;...Stefan Bühler
2015-12-06[cmake] manual "moc" in targets using TARGET_OBJECTS to workaround cmake bugStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[nuts] fix ambiguous value construction by adding typeStefan Bühler
2015-12-06[libnutwireless] fix comparison with EAPF_UNDEFINEDStefan Bühler