AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-30Optimized binaries (use local vars if they are not needed as persistent vars)...HEADmasterStefan Bühler
2009-06-29Fix default scenario values, added steps outputStefan Bühler
2009-06-29Added dummy executables for task 3 and 4.Stefan Bühler
2009-06-29Added generated bin*.c filesStefan Bühler
2009-06-29New bin4.obfStefan Bühler
2009-06-29Task version 1.9Stefan Bühler
2009-06-29Task version 1.8Stefan Bühler
2009-06-28Add bin4.obf, fixed a bug in ovm.cStefan Bühler
2009-06-28Task version 1.7Stefan Bühler
2009-06-27task2 cleanupStefan Bühler
2009-06-27scenario 2001 workingStefan Bühler
2009-06-27Add better physical simulation, solved 1. tasStefan Bühler
2009-06-27Task version 1.6Stefan Bühler
2009-06-27Machine is working, working on task1Stefan Bühler
2009-06-27Task version 1.5Stefan Bühler
2009-06-27Task version 1.4Stefan Bühler
2009-06-26Fix comparing with zero (added tolerance epsilon), added timestampStefan Bühler
2009-06-26Task version 1.3Stefan Bühler
2009-06-26First task debug with skipStefan Bühler
2009-06-26Task version 1.2Stefan Bühler
2009-06-26Task version 1.1Stefan Bühler
2009-06-26First task version + ovmjitStefan Bühler
2009-06-24EmptyStefan Bühler