AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-23Release as 0.2.1HEADfcgi-cgi-0.2.1masterStefan Bühler
2013-05-23close stdin after writing request bodyStefan Bühler
2013-05-23clear environment after request endStefan Bühler
2013-05-18Release as 0.2.0fcgi-cgi-0.2.0Stefan Bühler
2013-05-18Handle requests after the first one (fixing keep-alive)Stefan Bühler
2010-10-28Release 0.1.8v0.1.8Stefan Bühler
2010-10-28Remove stropts.h includeStefan Bühler
2010-10-28[cmake] fix link object / lib orderStefan Bühler
2010-10-28Release 0.1.7v0.1.7Stefan Bühler
2010-10-28[cmake] disable check for c++Stefan Bühler
2010-10-28Release as 0.1.6v0.1.6Stefan Bühler
2010-10-28Check for ev_time instead of ev_loop (ev_loop has been renamed in libev4)Stefan Bühler
2010-05-07Add option handling, bump version number to 0.1.5, add man-pagev0.1.5Stefan Bühler
2010-05-07Reenable accepting connections after hitting the limit (fixes #2195)Stefan Bühler
2010-01-06Reenable child in/err pipes after fcgi con closev0.1.4Stefan Bühler
2009-11-11Fix remaining padding decrementv0.1.3Stefan Bühler
2009-11-11Replace GString with GByteArrayStefan Bühler
2009-11-11Fix chdir() patchv0.1.2Stefan Bühler
2009-11-11Fix fastcgi packet readingv0.1.1Stefan Bühler
2009-11-11Change directory before executing scriptsStefan Bühler
2009-04-05Add GByteArray as queue typev0.1.0Stefan Bühler
2009-03-28Exec either INTERPRETER or SCRIPT_FILENAMEStefan Bühler
2009-03-28Add autoconf/automake build systemStefan Bühler
2009-03-28Fix mixed declarations and codeStefan Bühler
2009-03-28Initial commitStefan Bühler