AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-22add ruscertHEADmasterStefan Bühler
2017-06-10gdbguiStefan Bühler
2017-06-06add debug reposStefan Bühler
2017-06-06remove wheezy, add buster+bullseye files, rename files to include debian rele...Stefan Bühler
2017-06-03subl3: use upstream reposStefan Bühler
2017-05-12lumailStefan Bühler
2016-12-09refresh keys again, this time with gpg1 - gpg2 creates incompatible keyringsStefan Bühler
2016-12-09refresh obs keysStefan Bühler
2016-02-27fixStefan Bühler
2016-02-27fixStefan Bühler
2016-02-27fixStefan Bühler
2016-02-27add subl reposStefan Bühler
2015-11-28add zfs preferencesStefan Bühler
2015-09-05obs tools for jessieStefan Bühler
2015-06-27move to utils, remove lighttpd2-wheezy listStefan Bühler
2015-06-16moved lighttpd utils, add l2 nightlies filesStefan Bühler now provides jessie and stretchStefan Bühler
2015-04-27stretch doesn't have backports yetStefan Bühler
2015-04-27add stretch lists / preferencesStefan Bühler
2015-01-01add debian bug report link for broken codenamesStefan Bühler
2015-01-01fix stable proposed-updates, add workaround for stable/testing backportsStefan Bühler
2015-01-01don't prefer packages from security over proposed-updates; otherwise a single...Stefan Bühler
2014-12-31add "only-en-translations", as no translations is killing long descriptionsStefan Bühler
2014-12-31add more keys and sources; include wheezy-helpers by default for l2-jessieStefan Bühler
2014-12-29initial commitStefan Bühler